Sunday, August 1, 2010

Infant Pain Care? What Infant Pain Care?

11:53. Wifey watching "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." It makes me glad that we never had a love fern...

We both have stuffed-up noses this weekend. And to make it worse, our little girl has the same thing. We ran out of infant Motrin this evening. Knowing that we would need some more this weekend, I offered to be the dutiful husband and went to the local store to pick up some more. I went over to the baby aisle to find said medicine, and instead of being like every other store that has the baby Tylenol with the baby supplies, I found nothing--well, I take that back--I found things like gas drops and Vaseline.

My next thought was that the infant Motrin might be over with the adult pain relievers. After searching there for said medicine, I still came up empty handed. I had to take drastic measures, so I did the unthinkable--hunted down a clerk, who paraded me through the baby aisle and then back over to the medicine aisle. I still came up empty-handed. The infant pain relief medicines were next to the adult medicines, but Tylenol, as well as a few other manufacturers, had recalled their infant products. Strike one.

Next, I headed too the opposite corner of the intersection to a Walgreens. I pulled in, quickly jumping out of the car. I heard a noise as I was walking up and thought nothing of it. As I got to the door, it doesn't automatically slide open. The clerk was talking with another clerk and noticed that I was standing outside the door. As I looked quickly around, I noticed the neon lights were no longer beaming red. Looking back at the clerk, she shrugged and mouthed sorry. Closed. Strike two.

Luckily, there was another store about two miles down the road. It was the same chain that I had originally visited so I knew exactly where to look (why they have two stores that are part of the same chain only two miles apart is beyond me). As I started looking for the recall notices, I noticed that there were many empty shelves, but one generic brand bottle left (insert angel chorus here). I snatched it up as quickly as I could and promptly drove back home.

What was initially a quick trip to the store became an hour-long ordeal. Even though we haven't had to use the medicine yet, I feel much better having it in my possession. And now I am laying awake in my bedroom trying to sleep.

Well, I'm not trying that hard if I'm writing a blog post. I had better shut this down and get to bed before I need to wake up.

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