Thursday, August 26, 2010

Books, Breezes, and Robot Love

9:47 - Wifey reading the chapter "The Seer Overheard." That means that this post will be in the light--at least until she decides that she is tired enough to sleep. Munchkin cut her third tooth today (her top left), but is still working on the right one. Good thing she is such a good kid that she just becomes disinterested in food instead of drooling and fussing a lot. Since she is paid for and so well behaved, I guess we will keep her.

I finished reading a book this week that I picked up on a whim in Costco. The book is called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is supposedly sweeping the nation. I heard that it was good from a co-worker, and then one of my sisters told me that she liked it too, so I thought that it couldn't be too bad.

It was well written, and reminded me a lot of my time that I spent in Finland. That was probably because it took place in Sweden. The pacing was great, and there was just the right amount of details in the book, but some of the details I could have done without. I might be a prude, but it was a bit racy for me, but if you are into that kind of thing, this book would be right up your alley. The mystery plot in the story was gruesome, yet great. There were a lot of characters who decided to sleep with each other (for sometimes no reason at all), but I guess that is how some people live. I'm glad I am not one of them. Wifey is glad too. Well, I didn't ask her, but I know what she'll say.

The weather is cooling down for a bit tonight. We have the windows open and we can hear the wind forcing itself through the leaves like the grating of fine sandpaper. The high for tomorrow is only supposed to be in the 70s, so I am hoping for some of the crispness of autumn tomorrow morning. On the drive home from the in-law's tonight, the wind was dragging the dust up from the ground to make it seem dark and hazy, even though it was only 8:30. I remembered (again) that I needed to change the headlight on my car. It is nice to see what is in front of you in the dark when you have to drive in the dark.

With the change in the weather, I am getting into some other changes as well. I heard about all the kids starting school, and it made me start to contemplate heading back for a Master's degree. At this point, I am toying with the idea of a masters in communication. I don't know when I will actually be able to go back, but for the time being, this seems like something that would be marketable, yet would let me keep writing.

Wifey just closed her book and rolled her head onto my chest. Maybe part of this post will be in the dark.

I am also looking to change jobs. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at a large company for the past year and a half, and have learned a lot from it. My contract is coming up, and I am starting to feel like it is time for a change. I got turned down at (which is probably a good thing, as I am not exactly the bodybuilding type), but have a resume out to a company that sells wickless candles. Call me crazy, but I am actually pretty excited about the opportunity.

The position would be for a copywriting position. I haven't had a lot of experience writing copy to promote products, but it is something more creative than what I am currently doing (technical writing), and I am craving some creativity in my life. In fact, today I needed a break, so I put on my headphones and took a walk. I almost melted into a puddle of goo, but I braved the heat and chilled to my tunes as I walked around the campus. I was listening to Coldplay's X&Y album, and I landed on a few of my favorites from the album: Fix You and The Hardest Part. I was needing a diversion, so I started creating a music video in my head to accompany the lyrics.

If I had the artistic prowess and technical savvy, I would create said videos, but until the day that you can upload something directly from my brain onto a computer, I think the videos will remain memories. I'll tell you a bit about the Fix You one though.

I was picturing an Igor robot who was narrating the story. He helps a Dr. Frankenstein robot who builds a girl robot. To stay with the theme, we will call her Mary (after Mary Shelley, of course). After Mary gets built and works, Dr Frankenstein robot doesn't think she is good enough. Igor robot gets a bit caught up in the whole scenario and starts to like Mary robot. I don't know how robot emotions work, but Igor robot has them in a good way. Dr. Frankenstein robot ends up trying to make Mary robot better and better, but he can't do it; his finite robot mind just doesn't have the capacity to upgrade her any more. Dr. Frankenstein robot throws her out, where Mary robot gets damaged, which makes Igor robot mad, so he quits. Igor robot digs her out of the scrap heap and brings her to his own lab where he tries to fix her.

Yes, I know. Cheesy. Sappy. Not very inventive. Just remember, my walk was only 30 minutes, and I had already listed to two other songs. I was working on a tight schedule, and the images just kept coming. The story served its purpose, and my creative muscle got worked a bit today. I don't think it will be sore tomorrow, but just in case it is, I will make sure that I stretch next time before attempting to tax it again.

P.S. The light is still on. I'm turning it off and going to find Wifey who wandered away to let her side of the bed cool so she could sleep.

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Lana said...

Well here is your favorite groupy commenting again. I really enjoy your writing and you inspire me to write more. I enjoyed your highly eclectic post. You really covered a wide area. Thanks for the brief book review of the Tatoo books. I'd heard they were good but think I'll pass. I love Coldplay. X&Y is a great album. I also love Viva la Vida. My favorite song by Coldplay is Amsterdam. It is soulful and iove playing it on the piano. Dallin liked the song Yellow and I found myself crying when it was played in the grocery store right after he left. Good luck with your job situation. I found a great website the other day filled with all types of freelance writing jobs, many of them from home. Let me know and I'll send you the link.