Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday evening we went to the park for a family gathering. There were lots of kids there who weren't from our family as well, as the park was packed—packed as in all the reserved spots were full, and the playground is hopping. If I looked around, I could easily imagine that the fair was in town.

I wasn't amazed at how many people were there. What really struck me was the fact that there were so many kids around who were so friendly. At least five kids (all boys) came up to me and said hi and introduced themselves. I was shocked.

I've been told that I was quite the gregarious little kid. I spent a lot of my time talking ears off of women who happened to come to my mom's beauty shop. I even helped them put their coats on as they were leaving in the winter. But I don't think that I would have walked up to a complete stranger and introduced myself.

One of the kids even started following me around as I was helping Munchkin, and he asked that I help him out on the monkey bars. I'm sure that their parents were around somewhere, but I didn't see many parents with these kids. I don't know if they were attention starved, but they seemed bright, capable kids. Their parents had obviously taught them well, but I would have thought that they would introduce themselves to Munchkin instead of me.

So, my question to you is this: have you met kids who introduce themselves to complete adult strangers? If you have met kids like this, what has been your experience with them? Does it weird you out like it did me (I felt a bit like they were trying to create a business relationship)? Am I just being strange myself?

P.S. Wicked was WICKED!

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