Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Reunions

My parents got unofficially done with their volunteer position a couple of weeks ago. July 9th, to be exact. On the 10th, one of my brothers came up with his family to visit my parents. He stayed one week, leaving on Sunday morning. That afternoon, my other brother came to visit, and wil be leaving tomorrow. My parents have had someone staying with them for aboutnthe past two weeks straigt.

Not that they haven't loved it. They haven't had the opportunity to play with their grandkids this much in quite a few years. Even though it makes them a bit tired, they wouldn't trade it for the world.

On a sad note, we are missing a family reunion for Wifey's side of the family. She has been a bit sad that we are missing the opportunity to dabble our toes in the ocean along the Oregon coast, munchkin would have loved being there and playing in the water, but we will go another time.

I'm faring much better than Wifey is. I think this is the first family reunion that she has missed in her 27 years in the family. Good thing she has Gilmore Girls to keep her occupied. Oh, and a little thing I like to call Munchkenna. She is slumbering peacefully right next to our bed right now, so I think I'll follow suit.

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