Monday, November 1, 2010

Grrrr and YEAH!

Today was one of those days at work that you would just prefer not to have. I found out that a project I was working on was not getting the results the project manager wanted, and she was waiting on me, while I was waiting on her. I thought I had my point across, but I guess not. I thought I understood the project, but she had a bit of a different take on it. Oh well, you learn from your mistakes, right?

To make the day better, we went out to dinner tonight with my parents. It is Wifey's birthday tomorrow, so feel free to drop by her blog or say hi to her on Facebook. I am sure she would like that. She is big into birthdays.

Dinner was at Chili's, which was delicious. Both of my parents polished off a half rack of ribs (individually). I had the steak fajitas, Missy had the chicken tenders (because she can get corn on the cob with it), and Munchkin had a few goldfish crackers, a graham cracker, some minor shavings from a crayon, a fry or two, as well as a healthy dose of ice cream. Munchkin loves her ice cream, and Grandpa loves to feed it to her.

We are going to have the big hoopla tomorrow with the dessert and the presents and such, but I just wanted to give her a little something to be excited about tomorrow when she reads this post.

I am glad that I was able to be lucky enough to marry someone as great as Wifey. Although we can be polar opposites at times, we fit together as well as two adjoining puzzle pieces. She puts up with my craziness, yet shares a bit of her own. She drags me to things that I don't want to go to, but helps me to have fun in spite of myself. She does an AMAZING job with Munchkin, and I know that there is a reason why kids have moms—they couldn't do very well without them. It is fun to come home to have Munchkin excited to see me for a few minutes, but as soon as she knows I am sticking around, she is more than happy to go back to her mom. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am grateful that Wifey wants to be a housewife. In a world where being a business woman is sometimes more important than being a mother, I am grateful that she finds being a mom important enough to sacrifice a career for the welfare of our children. It is something that I always hoped that my wife would want to do, and I know that she wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks for all you do, Wifey!

I love you!

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Kaylene said...

Ah shucks! Love you too Mr!