Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recent Things I Enjoy

  • The muted squeals I hear through the window as Munchkin finds I'm home.
  • The faces Munchkin makes as she is squealing (big eyes, wide mouth, slightly rosy cheeks).
  • Snuggles from Munchkin.
  • Walking/jumping in a circle in our house with Munchkin as she held my hand for a half an hour tonight while dinner was simmering.
  • Wifey's yummy new recipies.
  • Wifey's new boldness to try new recipies.
  • Wifey's enjoyment at finding a new hobby (sewing).
  • The idea of a new addition to our family in July.
  • A new job where I'm treated like an adult instead of a second-class citizen.
  • The prospect of real insurance for a reasonable cost (come on August).
  • Going out to dinner and seeing a movie for our anniversary.
  • Change.
  • Perspective.
  • New things to learn.
  • Helping people by making their jobs easier.
  • Healthy raspberry plants.
  • The fact that my mom picked out some fabric to make a baby quilt, only later to find out that Wifey had almost purchased that same fabric to make something for the baby herself.
  • Relatively healthy bonsai trees.
  • Flowering pots.
  • Rain.
  • Going 370 miles on one gas tank before the light came on (my previous record was 340 in this car).
  • A nice hot shower.
  • Walking to the library to check out books.
  • Spinach.
  • Waking up to a quiet house.
  • Eating an apple for breakfast.
  • Motivation.
  • Helping my parents with yard work.
  • Helping my in-laws garden.
  • Trying to understand people.
  • Trying to encourage people.
  • Sharing books.
  • The upcoming four-day vacation in the Sawtooths at Lake Alturus (starting tomorrow).
  • The fact that part of this vacation is paid time off.
Your turn. Leave your post in the comments so I can enjoy them too.

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Lana said...

Things I enjoy:
Trail running
Chocolate chips and peanut butter
A clear sky at night
Seeds just poking out of the ground
A fall rain
Anything new I can learn about New Netherland
A misty, foggy morning
Blueberry pie - cold and without ice cream
A good play list
A light breeze rustling bamboo leaves
Yellow finches 
The total and absolute silence in the middle of the night where I live