Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Wall

Some days it seems that writing just oozes out of my pores. I think of plenty of things to write about, interesting connections, and ways I can express what I'm thinking.

Lately, I've been hitting a wall.

I don't know what it is, but since I have started my new job, I have been feeling less creative. I enjoy what I do for work, and I am learning and growing in a lot of ways, but instead of finding time to think about life and who I want to be, I find my mind being filled with things to do for work—how to create a new document, the next piece of technology I need to learn, or a new design for a flyer that I'm creating.

And I'm not sure why that is. Generally I am pretty good about turning off work when I leave for the day and turn it back on during my commute in to work. This position has been different so far.

So, dear Internet, please post something that inspires you in the comments. It can be anything—a website, a book you have recently enjoyed, a picture, or a quote. Heck, it could even be a cool cake or something.

Hopefully it will pull me from my creative void and help me be a more productive (and sharing) blogger. Blogging is something I enjoy, but it has been hard for me lately.

Another thing I am hoping will help out is I am taking a vacation this week. We are heading up to the mountains for a few days with Wifey's family. I hope to take lots of pictures and have time to sit and think in the forest. While we won't be away from civilization completely (we are staying in cabins), I'm hoping that there will be some time to curl up with a good book, take a stroll through a forest, or just sit by the water and think.

I need to stop by the library and find a good book to read. I'm feeling a bit bored with the ones on our shelves as of late. I'll probably try to find something completely out of character for myself to see if that provokes some inspiration. If not, I'll try something else until I get some hints from the Internet.


Lana said...

Here is something that has been on my mind lately. I dont know if it will lend any inspiration It has been just over a year since my best friend died. It Is interesting to me how peoples lives, who have died, are memorialized after awhile. For example, my friend has a bench put up at her husbands work dedicated to her, I have a playlist I came up with with songs that remind me Of her, some ladies by where she lived are compiling a cookbook of all of her recipes. Get the idea? It is something I hadn't noticed before. Just some thoughts I've been thinking lately.

Johnny said...

I've had times like this in my life too. The one that stands out the most is when Brandon died when I was 7. I wrote a paper about that in college. Maybe I should revisit it and post it here...