Monday, June 20, 2011


Wondering where I’ve been? I’ve been doing things. First off, vacation was wonderful. It was nice to be completely untethered (meaning that I left all my technology at home, except for my iPod, which was only used as background music as we played games with other people. And also for portions of the car ride). It was nice to be liberated from computers, phones, and any other way people could contact me. 

That euphoria was quickly dispelled on Monday when I returned to work. There was plenty waiting for me. But I got caught up quickly.

We have also been potty training Munchkin. Wifey found an eBook that does a pretty good job at getting a kid potty trained in three days. This weekend had a few bumps along the way, but we found out that she had toilet paper rash (as opposed to diaper rash) from being wipes so often. Her fair skin is so sensitive that any little thing could set it off. We got that cleared up last night (after staying awake with her until about 1:30), and Wifey reports that today she has been accident-free. Go Munchkin!

Because of some of the potty training activities, Wifey tweaked her back a bit. A woman who is 8 months pregnant generally shouldn’t be lifting a lot, but potty training requires it. And Wifey faced the consequence. Luckily she got better quite quickly.

We also had our second annual Nacho Party with the gang. We don’t often get together with all our old friends, but we had all but one of the couples there. It was great to see them all and catch up a bit.

Meridian celebrated Dairy Days. They have a carnival that comes to town, complete with petting zoo, fair rides, and parades. We only made it to the parade, but Munchkin was in heaven. When the trucks came down the street, she would exclaim, “Beeg one!” When the horses came down the street, she would point and yell, “Horsies,” followed by a whinny. When there was any music, she would start bopping and bouncing. She loved being around all the people, and we were proud that she kept her pants dry for the three hours we were there.

Father’s Day also came and went. It was good for me, as I got a new pair of work pants that fit quite well. Wifey started mocking me because she bought me some brand name pants, and they actually fit. Normally, I have a hard time getting pants to fit because of my slender waist and long legs. If I could reverse my proportions, I would be able to find pants galore. But unfortunately, fewer stores are selling pants that have a 30 waist that have more than a 32 inseam. When you need a 30x36, you are kind of out of luck.

But these pants fit. When I asked her how she could tell if they were long enough, she told me that she held them up, and they came up to her chest, so she figured they would be long enough. I had to laugh, because I know that she doesn’t come up to my belly button. We aren’t that disproportionate!
We also found out that the foreign exchange student from Brazil that lived with my brother for a year is coming up with her dad for a visit. It will be fun to see her, since last time we saw her was about four or five years ago. July will be a busy time.

We are unsure whether or not Wifey will have the baby by then. She had an appointment with her doctor last week that told her that he would probably induce her since he was going to be gone the week of her due date. Wifey is fine with that, because Munchkin was relatively large (8 lbs, 8 oz) for Wifey’s petite frame. If the new babe comes a bit early, we are hoping that she will be a skosh smaller. She is already measuring larger than normal, but then again, so did Munchkin.

With that being said, Wifey might have the baby while my brother is up here with his family. The next week, my other brother is coming for a visit with his family. I have a feeling that my parents will be pretty tired after all the company leaves. But they love being able to see their kids and grandkids. In short, summer is beginning officially tomorrow, and I believe that mine will be quite the busy one.

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