Monday, September 20, 2010

Know a Good Plastic Surgeon?

Just curious if anyone knows of a good plastic surgeon. You see, I am attempting to make a Halloween costume, and the character I am planning on attempting, when compared to my height, should have a 4.86" waist. Yes, that is inches, not feet. I figured that I could just start dieting, but I don't think I could get that small in a bit over a month.

Oh yeah, and I have these things called hips too that are getting in the way.

This is going to be my first second attempt at making a costume. The first one was a Peter Pan outfit that was VERY basic. Very basic as in I wore green scrubs, sewed a makeshift skirt that I cut while it was hanging on me, and fashioned a hat out of felt. I was pretty impressed with the hat, as I didn't have a pattern.

We will see how well the new costume goes. I might post pictures and keep you updated on the status. If I don't get it done this year, then maybe next year.

Next step, get some fabric...

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Lana said...

If you need some tips on making incredible paper mâché masks let me know.