Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Fun New Blogs

Because of the wonder of Blogs of Note, I recently found two blogs to which I promptly subscribed.

The first one is a whimsical ride through the mind of a child. The child version of Everyman, aptly named Bob, lives his life with his mom. Bob is about four (I think), but he is a pretty smart cookie, and has a sharp wit. Like most of the four year old children in the world, Bob has some interesting views on things. This blog is a quick read, and can brighten your day if you need the refreshing view on life that only an energetic child can bring. Go check out Smacksy.

Jim's Pancakes
If you have ever been in a kitchen with a dad who happens to be making breakfast, I am sure that you have had pancakes as part of your morning meal. Dads make pancakes, but more importantly, dads make fun pancakes. Sure, dads know how to make normal pancakes, and will occasionally make some for the boring grown up. But dads really excel at making special pancakes. A common favorite is the Mickey Mouse pancake. If you are unfamiliar with these, please don't panic. eHow has dedicated an entry on how to make these (although they aren't that complex). You too can become a Mickey Mouse pancake master maker.

That being said, we have Mickey Mouse pancake dads, and then we have Jim. I found this blog through Smacksy (See previous entry), but I find this guy amazing. He does colors. He does layers. He does sculptures. He does requests. And he does them well. I'm not a huge pancake fan (mainly because my tongue finds them boring. My tongue also finds maple syrup a bit nasty as well. You can put two and two together), but I have a feeling that I would like pancakes if I had grown up in Jim's house. Go check out Jim's Pancakes.


Lana said...

I am NOT going to show my kids the pancake blog!!!!!

Johnny said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that Elise already knows about it...