Friday, September 17, 2010

She's Alive!

Munchkin has been able to walk for quite some time now. We had a family reunion that we attended back in July and she decided to take her first steps then. On random occasions, she decided that she would get up and go, and that is exactly what she did. On multiple occurrences she would walk across the room to Wifey. It wasn't that she was nervous on her feet, or couldn't keep her balance. In fact, she would sometimes do squats while keeping her balance. She just wouldn't walk very much.

Yesterday, Wifey went over to her sister's place to watch some of Munchkin's cousins for a few hours. Munchkin decided to walk to try to keep up with her cousins. And now she won't stop.

She's alive!

I would like to think that she is this way because of me. When I was a child, I didn't want to have anything to do with potty training. And then one day, I just decided to be potty trained; just like Munchkin decided to start walking.

I realize that Munchkin is not even a year old yet, and doesn't understand the complexities of making your own choices, but she is starting to find her own preferences. She likes certain foods more than others. If presented with a food she kind of likes, she will eat it. If a food she likes better comes around (like cantaloupe or spaghetti), she pulls out whatever is in her mouth and crams in the new food.

I considered starting to read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to Munchkin so that she can start grasping the similarities between Frankenstein's monster and herself, but I doubt I could get her to sit still long enough. Don't get me wrong, she loves books. I think she might be a bookworm when she gets older (which I would be totally fine with). I just think it might take a few more years until she starts having conversations about literary criticism with me. Until that day, I'll be fine having her totter over to me as I hold a toy in my mouth while trying to mumble coherent words of encouragement.

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