Friday, September 10, 2010

Monday? Already?

I came to a bleak realization today—my weekend is already gone. I understand that the time-space continuum has not yet jumped to Monday, but I also realized that my thoughts of having a restful weekend are out the window.

You see, tonight I have plans to go people watching at Art in the Park. Boise City gathers a bunch of local (and not so local) vendors who come and sell their artistic wares in the park right next to the Boise State campus. It is a great people-watching event where all sorts of people come out. You get the bohemians who wear their sun dresses and Rastafarian hats haphazardly hiding their dreadlocks who stare at the same yard sculptures as the well-to-do businesswoman in her a-line skirt who is quickly trying to pay the vendor so she can get back to her 1:00 conference call. Munchkin will love being out among the people, as she always does. Such a social creature. She must take after her mother.

Tomorrow is going to be a marathon. We have a service project starting around 10:00 in commemoration of September 11th. It is kind of a hole in my American memory, as I wasn’t in the country when it happened. That is a post for another day though. Needless to say, we are going there until about 1:00, followed by a church meeting for me at 4:00 that will last two hours, followed by another church meeting for Wifey and I at 7:00. We will go home, slide into pajamas, peek on (hopefully) sleeping Munchkin, and slide into bed ourselves. The next morning, we have our normal church meeting at 10:00 – 12:00, and then we can rest. And by rest, I mean we will probably visit family.

As you can see, my weekend is almost over, and it is only Friday. I am glad that Munchkin is well behaved, and doesn’t mind having family babysit her. She suspects that we are planning something this weekend though, because she has been waking us up at all hours of the night to punish us for not keeping her in the loop. I understand that children are prone to doing that, but not our Munchkin. She slept through the night starting around two months. 

Yes, I know we are lucky.

The past three nights, Munchkin has decided that she needs to wake up at crazy times. Last night, it was about midnight. She went back to bed after about an hour of drifting in and out of sleep. Then she decided to wake up at 6:00. And she stayed up.

I could tell Munchkin was pretty sleepy when I was leaving for work about 20 minutes to 8:00. She crawled up to me making that noise where she wants me to pick her up. Generally it is accompanied by upstretched arms, but the arms stayed down this morning, and her eyes locked on my shoes instead of my chest (which is about as tall as she can see from a crawling position). I picked her up as her eyes came level with the television. And she just stared; no little hands trying to pry my lips apart to see my teeth or tongue, no cheek pats, and no attempts to grab the glasses. As Wifey came back with a bottle, Munchkin yawned, then immediately started to jump out of my arms so she could get at the bottle. 

The funniest part about the whole situation is that Munchkin starts whining as soon as she sees the bottle. It is almost as if she thinks that we aren’t going to give it to her. The frantic moans and squirms come until the bottle is through her lips. As soon as she can taste it, she stops making noise and squirming, but she doesn’t exactly relax. One arm generally stays up in the air as if she had a question. She doesn’t reach for anything. Her eyes often close. Her arm just hangs out in the air. After a while, her tiny fingers start to explore the side of the bottle, or sometimes pat your arm or chest (but only if you are lucky).

The fact of the matter is, Munchkin was yawning then, headed for a nice cozy nap in her fuzzy, footed pajamas. Now I am yawning, wishing for a snooze, but I realize that it is almost Monday again—no nap for me.

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Lana said...

Your weekend is filled with good things but the main word is "filled." Good luck!