Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Munchkin

Today was Munchkin's birthday. We decided to throw her a big first birthday shindig. And she loved it.

Now when I say big, I don't mean super big. I mean, we invited my parents, Wifey's parents and siblings, and Wifey's Grandma and aunt and uncle who live with Grandma. Wifey was extra fancy and decided to make a tutu and decorate up a foam crown tiara. Every time we put the crown on Munchkin and held her up to a mirror, she would just start grinning at herself and pointing to her reflection.
Munchkin excited for the party.
Tonight when guests started arriving, she was running amok through the house attacking balloons on the floor. Wifey made sure to get balloons that matched the tutu because she is a good party planner like that. She also matched those colors to the birthday sign she made.
Look at the pretty sign.
And to the butterfly confetti that she punched out.
And the sprinkles for Munchkin's personal two-tiered cake (for which I cut out the letters).
Well, you get the picture.

She wasn't too sure about opening up presents at first. Wifey started ripping the paper on one of the boxes (because Munchkin really didn't know what to do with them. She just thought that they were colorful blocks), and Munchkin started complaining. After she realized that there was something else in there, she was fine with it.

Munchkin got all sorts of great loot to keep her entertained (thanks everyone). Wifey made a video of Munchkin's first year to keep the guests entertained while we were cutting the cake. And they all loved it. Wifey's dad said, "That's a great video. I want one." So, if you need a great party, complete with a video and party favors, you know who to call. She is very selective with her clientele, so I'm sorry if she turns you down due to popular demand.

Do you think Munchkin is spoiled? I do. But that is one of the reasons why people have more kids, right? You can't spoil one of them too much, or else you might just hare raised someone like Veruca Salt. "I want it now, Daddy!"

But, while we only have one, we might as well spoil her. So here's to a great birthday for Munchkin!
A sign of a truly great first birthday

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Lana said...

What a fun party! The pic of her in the tutu is priceless!