Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, this past week, I learned that I was not being considered for the local wickless candle company position that I wanted. But I didn't learn from the company. Which makes me a bit disappointed.

I did a lot of homework for this position. I spent a lot of my time making sure everything was ready. I got an in with someone who works there. I applied legitimately, as well as sent my resume to be hand delivered by my contact there. The stars were aligned—except for the person doing the hiring.

I'm not heartbroken, by any means. While this position would have been great, and given me some opportunities that I haven't had before (including possibilities for career growth in a new field), I found myself pretty prepared to hear the word no. After all, it took the company five weeks to close the position, and another four before I contacted them to hear on the status of the position.

The thing that irks me the most is that after leaving multiple messages (spread out over the course of a week) on someone's answering machine, I never got a call back. The receptionist didn't seem to know about the position, so I was thinking that the worst might happen. After a somewhat awkward conversation with the young woman (she called back to the HR person's desk to see if she was there. After receiving no response, she told me that the HR person wasn't available. I asked to leave a message, so she started taking down my name and number manually. About half-way through, she stopped herself and asked, "Do you want me just to send you through to voice mail?" Why yes, that would be great... ) I was able to leave my message.

It does not bother me that I didn't get the position. What bothers me is that a company does not take the time to let someone know that they are no longer being considered for a position. That to me is just plain rude.

So, to let the company know that I am not happy that they didn't get back to me, I applied at two other places. I'll show them.



Anonymous said...

That's so, so rude. Jessica - the other Beta Reader - had a similar situation with a company that interviewed her. I know that HR must have a hard time right now with the vast number of applicants per position, but that's still no excuse to not make a courtesy call, or even an email. They get paid FAR too much to be that lazy and unprofessional.

I'm sorry you didn't get it; I know you were kind of looking forward to the possibility. Something better will come along, though...

Johnny said...

I would have gladly accepted even a form email stating that I wasn't being considered for the position. But I guess that it is too much to answer a phone message left for you. I'm sure that they are busy, but it is quite easy to block out some time on your calendar to make a few calls or write an email.

My hunt continues...