Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Super Villains' Kids...

As an editor and former English major, sometimes, I just have to shake my head. I often wonder if people really read what they have typed. I know for a fact that many people don't proofread their own work (myself included at times).

Yes, there are people who just don't have a way with words. I am sure that there are individuals who would rather talk in mathematical formulas or computer code (not including l33t speak, as this is typing), and they would be completely happy.

For those of us who agree that there should be spelling conventions that should be followed that aren't influenced by texting, there are times that we have to cringe. There are certain things that just require a quick editorial peek. Printed materials fall well into this realm. And one of my favorite things to loathe happens to be quotation marks.

Some people just don't realize that quotation marks are for quoting people or things (like other printed material). They aren't used for emphasis.

DANGER! Poor formatting ahead.

Here is a classic blunder, performed by a super villain:

Taken forcefully (and without permission) from the Non-Adventures of Wonderella

Yes, there are whole websites dedicated to people who don't punctuate properly with quotation marks. Some of these are pretty funny.

I was really hoping to find something good from The Oatmeal, but all I found was a poster on apostrophes. Maybe I should suggest one...

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