Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Sorry

If I had to give my blog a theme for the week, I would have to say that it is Global Week. I have had people from almost every major continent this week (come on Australia), including visitors from Botswana, Thailand, the Philippines, Slovenia, and Iran. Wifey mentioned to me that maybe all the people who visited from Japan this week might have been from a class, since it would be very rare to have that many people just hop onto my blog from one island country at the same time without some form of coercion. I agreed with her.

As I have been thinking about all people coming from different countries, I can only assume that the visitors from other countries use English as a second (or third or fourth) language. While learning Finnish, I was grateful to have so many rules that were always true. In Finnish, there are only four irregular verbs—FOUR. In English, there are about four thousand.

OK, that might be an exaggeration.

But needless to say, I feel sorry for those people who are trying to learn English. Thanks to the French (and other) influence(s), a lot of our spelling is messed up. And we are lazy when we speak.

Here is something that will hopefully help you out when trying to listen to native speakers. And for those of you who are native English speakers, try to imagine learning this strange language for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed when I used blogspot that I got a lot of bizarre international hits. I think it's because of their blog browsing features - people just randomly click through to blogs and end up in strange places. I see it much less with wordpress.