Friday, December 10, 2010

Avoiding Christmas

I got a call today from Wifey while I was at work. She had just gotten off the phone with her mother. Wifey was pulled over on the freeway with Munchkin in the back, waiting for her mom to come pick her up because of a flat tire. Chalk one more thing up to add joy to the holiday season.

Photo by lissalou66
I realized today that I have been avoiding Christmas. It wasn't a conscious decision, but after looking back, sometimes I wonder if it wasn't. I have purchased one gift (if you don't include the other gift that I purchased on behalf of my mother so my dad wouldn't know what it was). That is all. And I'm not planning on getting a whole lot more. Mainly stocking stuffers and the like.

I've also been avoiding the Christmas music. In fact, at this point, if I hear a Christmas song, I have been changing the station. While it is impossible to avoid the music entirely (because Wifey has it on in her car and if you go anywhere, it is cheerily reminding you to buy presents in a guerrilla tactics kind-of-way), when I have the option to change it, I do.

I'm just not feeling very Christmasy this year. Maybe I am just being a scrooge, but I'm just not feeling it this year. It is almost as if my Christmas wagon has a flat tire, and is waiting on the side of the highway while all the other cars zip by.

Now that I have told you this, I am sure that Wifey will have all sorts of activities for us to do in order to change my flat tire.


Lana said...

I was that way last year. I think I just missed having Dallin around.

Kate said...

I was like that last year, too - and a little the year before that. This year I'm better. I think we all have less festive years...