Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Too Old to Wet the Bed

This weekend we went over to Wifey's parents to help put up Christmas lights, as per tradition. We generally get them up the day after Thanksgiving, but due to the dump of snow we got this year, we didn't get them up. We got them all up, and went in for lunch. At this point, I wasn't feeling so hot.

Later that evening I was able to view my masticated lunch, due to the flu bug that had decided to invade my body. I think I had a bit of a sinus infection as well, because the backs of my eyes felt sore. If I moved my head too quickly, I could feel my eyes protesting.

I slept like a baby Saturday night, feeling slightly cold in spite of the extra blanket that was covering my half of the bed. I woke in the morning, still feeling under the weather, so I stayed home from church with Munchkin. She happened to be up in the middle of the night not wanting to sleep, despite the 13 ounces of milk that Wifey fed her in the middle of the night.

Sunday was all about laying low.

After falling asleep Sunday night I woke up drenched from head to toe. I could tell that my fever had broken because of a sudden surge of energy. It always amazes me how your body regains its faculties and you immediately feel better after a fever is gone. Because I was drenched in sweat, I quickly pulled the blanket off of me, hoping to cool down a bit and fall back asleep.

I could tell that Wifey was stirring a bit, so I was trying to lay as still as possible. After a short while, she ended up returning to her normal breathing pattern that comes with sleep.

This morning, I was talking to Wifey about how my fever had broken. She immediately started telling me that in the night she had brushed her hand against me and thought that I had wet the bed. Being in the sleepy stupor that she was, she didn't end up saying anything to me. Instead, she just thought how gross I was for peeing the bed and scooted over farther to her side of the bed.

But this started a vicious cycle. She would scoot over, wanting to keep the warmth of the covers. This in turn pulled the covers off my side of the bed, leaving me exposed to the cold air in the house (it was 55 degrees when we woke up this morning). Because I was cold, I would scoot closer to her. Even though I was no longer sweating from head to toe, she still thought I had wet the bed, and scooted farther away. And there is only so much scooting to be done on a queen-sized bed.

I'm back at work today. My ears don't bother me, and if I move my head too quickly, my eyes still protest, but all in all, I am pretty much mended. Good thing that I had a weekend to recover. Now, if only I could have a weekend to make up for my weekend of recovery...


Kaylene said...

Sure your fever broke. Right. I know the truth!

Lana said...