Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Make a Paper Airplane

I have a friend who is studying to be an ESL teacher. She was supposed to give a presentation to demonstrate how to do something in another language. Because 95% of the population in Boise who are studying to be ESL teachers speak Spanish, it makes for a pretty unexciting class. Can you imagine trying to learn lessons on how to teach something in another language when you completely understand the language? A bit counterproductive? I think so.

This is why my friend got up the idea to ask me to help her out. She knows that I can fake my way through a bit of Finnish. While my grammar isn't completely perfect, I was pretty happy with how it came out. I figured that no one would really understand a word I was saying, so I didn't worry about my pronunciation slip-ups. After all, I haven't had the opportunity to to speak conversational Finnish with anyone in about eight years.

Here is the video I made. Feel free to laugh. Especially at the end.

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Lana said...

Finnish is an enjoyable language to listen to.