Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The End Is Here!

It happened.

My dad officially signed up for the Internet.

This might not mean a lot to you, but it is almost as shocking as the time that my parents bought a brand new car. It had gone all my life never riding in a new car that my parents had owned, and once I was out of the house they went out and bought a brand new car.

Dad has been worried about getting viruses on his computer. In all actuality, I don't think that he has ever been to a site that might give him a virus, or even adware. He is very strict about his computer usage, and will not bend or break to the whims of the Internet.

At least, not until yesterday.

Now that he jumped off the edge, he had all sorts of questions for me tonight. How do you set up a wireless router? Do you need a wireless router? Can both of the computers connect to a wireless router? Could his iPhone get WiFi through a wireless router? Do I know of any antivirus software for his computers?

I fielded the questions as best I could, but I can tell he is nervous. He made the decision, but is still acting leery.

This is where Mom comes in. While Dad was in playing with Munchkin, Mom let me in on the fact that Dad signed up for the Internet. Then she told me how excited she was to be able to have Internet access in her home. She said that she would probably even start looking at things like blogs more often. Who knows, she might even become a blogger herself.

Okay, she probably won't go that far, but I can see her thoroughly enjoying the fruits of last century's technology.

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