Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend Review

This weekend was pretty busy, all in all. We didn't have much scheduled, but ended up spending a lot of time with family and friends.

Friday night we had a few other couples and their kids over for dinner. One of them happened to bring over a fun party game for the Wii called Just Dance 2. The premise of the game is that everyone who is playing holds a remote in one hand and has to shake what their mama gave them just like the silhouette on the screen. Most of the songs were uppity rock/techno stuff (some of which I had never heard of), but there were some other older songs on there (like Jackson 5 stuff). It was pretty fun, and after everyone got hot and sweaty, we definitely worked off all our overeating from dinner.

Saturday was spent hanging out with family and running around to practice singing for church on Sunday. Wifey's grandma was speaking in her church, and Wifey's aunt decided that it would be a good idea to have some of her kids and grandkids come to sing before she spoke. We obliged. How can you say no to Grandma?

Wifey had a molar bothering her a bit on Saturday, but didn't end up mentioning anything to the family dentist (and brother-in-law) when we saw him at a preparedness fair (on storing food, preparing for natural disasters, and pinching pennies) where my mother-in-law was hosting a booth. We went home to retire for the evening, and Munchkin and I quickly fell asleep.

Wifey, however, wasn't so lucky. She ended up having her tooth keep her up all night long. She tried all sorts of different things—baking soda mixed in water, a hot bath, sitting upright, a cold washcloth—to no avail. When I woke up in the morning to get ready for church, she told me she had been up all night. Not fun when you have to spend a couple of hours in front of kids ranging from 4 to 12 to get them to sing. But she put on a brave face and went anyway.

After we got home from church, Munchkin crashed for a nap, and Wifey headed over to the our brother-in-law's office. After a few x-rays, we figured out that there wasn't a whole lot of decay in the tooth, so he just filled the cavity in hopes that he wouldn't have to do a root canal.

And luckily, Wifey has been doing better today. Her mouth still hurts, but not enough to keep her up. In fact, she is napping right now. It helps that the pain medication makes her drowsy, but at least she is catching up on her sleep. A pregnant woman needs all the rest she can get, so hopefully she will be out for the whole time Munchkin is napping.

The singing went pretty well, despite my cold. Fifteen minutes before we got up to sing, I was hitting a low E-flat (below the staff). Normally, I am lucky to get an F at the bottom of the staff. Then I went up and started singing high tenor for this song. Thank goodness for falsetto!

Also in good news, our tax returns came in last Friday, making us feel less destitute. The city water company also informed us that we were going to get about 40% of our water bill back for January. And more would be coming back for February's bill as well. We had a bit of a pipe fiasco that I don't believe I shared here, but it ended up that we had a leak in our irrigation system that increased our water bill for the month about 500%. Looks like we won't be having to pay our bill for a few months, as we have a credit on our account now...

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