Tuesday, February 15, 2011

National Honey-Do Day

Did you know that today is National Honey-Do Day? If not, sorry, you missed out on your chance to have your spouse/significant other do all those things you wanted them to. Better luck next year.

For this year's celebration, I had three projects.

"Vintage" Entertainment Center

We got an old entertainment center from a thrift store for $25. While it isn't the most amazing piece of furniture we have, we have kept it around because it is functional. It holds our DVDs, VCR/DVD player, and our TV. Our TV fits on the top though.

In fact, I wonder if TVs were ever made to fit in this entertainment center. The previous owners had removed a section from the back that was about a two foot square so that their old TV would fit. And I use the term fit loosely. It was probably hanging way out the back.

While Wifey was catching up on The Bachelor (blech) and Munchkin was asleep, I spent my time sanding and painting the thing black. We got a new back for it a few weeks ago, and I just haven't had the time to get it on yet. It still isn't on there, but the thing got pained with the help of Wifey (after her show was completed). We are going to go touch it up in a few minutes. After it is done, I'll have to put up a picture of the finished product.

Garage Sale Steal

About six months ago we noticed that our neighbors across the street that we had never officially met were having a garage sale. We saw a bunch of baby stuff, so we went on the prowl. We ended up leaving all the baby stuff for other people and buying the Lane cedar chest for a mere $40. I had seen these things go for a couple hundred dollars, and I knew that there would be a catch. No one who buys a cedar chest would part with it for only forty bucks. Well, they would if their mother-in-law had ended up putting a couple of layers of paint on the top and the feet. What a travesty.

With the help of my dad and a strong smelling chemical stripper, we were able to get (most) of the paint off the thing. The stripper claims that you just have to put it on and in about thirty minutes you scrape something over it. While it worked pretty well, some of the pigment worked its way into the wood, so sanding will be required. Because we want to restain the thing instead of adding another three layers of paint, I will be doing some extensive sanding on the thing.

The sanding will have to wait for another day though, because I had to take care of project number three.

Planting Autumn Bulbs

We got some bulbs quite late in the season for a really good price. Probably because the ground was already frozen and the snows had come. These hyacinth bulbs were already supposed to be nestled snugly in their flower beds, but instead sat on a clearance shelf in a store waiting to be bought. So we obliged.

When I looked at them yesterday, I realized that these bulbs were being quite happy and growing without the aid of dirt. They all had green mohawks popping out of them. The weather has been getting warmer, and the garage has been even warmer than that, so these miniature Mr. T's were ready to be done with their days of nudity and jump into the ground.

While this wasn't officially on my honey-do list, I figured I would throw in an extra one while I was waiting for the stripper (chemical, not the other type) to do its thing. So now the bulbs are snug in their spring beds and ready to pop out of the ground. I hope their dark homes won't throw them off too much.

When they grow and start spreading their spring happiness, I'll take a picture of them too.

Miscellaneous Side Notes

While I say that I'll put pictures up, I can't promise anything. I sometimes forget my blogging promises.

I called up an old acquaintance today to ask about a job, and even though the job was filled, he said that there is a possibility that they are having a secretary position open up. I threw my resume into the hat.

Another reason why you probably don't recognize this holiday is because I just made it up. It seemed like a good title to explain what I did today. Feel free to instigate it with your spouse/significant other if you so choose. Just make sure that you have them read this post later to let them in on the secret. Note that I didn't say how much later you would be required to tell them, so you can be sneaky if you like.

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