Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Captured

After a long hiatus, I am now back and ready to blog. This will be the first of a few posts about Christmas. As promised, I attempted to take pictures of my day on Christmas each hour, as challenged by Andrea, a friendly Canadian blogger from Ottawa. You can see her day in pictures here. I snuck a few in from Christmas Eve as well, just to help you get back into the spirit of Christmas.

I hope you enjoy!

Munchkin showing off her sparkly dress/bellybutton
Munchkin (the cute cow) and cousins perform the Nativity

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids in Christmas jammies
Santa came. I guess we were all good. And Munchkin loves her shopping cart.
I woke up. I really did.
The aftermath. And Wifey loves her lime green Kitchen Aid.
Munchkin's cousins taking a spin in their new Power Wheels.
Christmas breakfast cereal of choice (even though it comes in a small box).
Playing with Munchkin on the new train table at Grandma and Grandpa's.
Getting ready. The berry wreath in the background really added to my saintly appearance before I got cleaned up. I figured that you didn't need to see the rest of me.

Watching Clash of the Titans. No, you won't be able to tell, even if you squint.

The only Christmas Casualty—my middle toe that got stepped on. Don't worry, it didn't hurt.

The Santa cheese tray I created from muenster, provolone, chipotle jack, and pepper jack.

The Christmas snack spread.

Munchkin going for a spin with the most dangerous driver ever. I'm afraid for when he turns 16.
Having a Christmas chat with my sister.
Munchkin listening to her uncle sing. When he opened his mouth real wide, she would try to stick her pointer finger in there.
Christmas relaxing before returning home as I lay under the tree.

From this point on, I didn't take any more pictures. We got home at about 8:30, and Munchkin was so happy to be home that she started exploring her toys she hadn't seen in 24 hours instead of going to bed. From shortly after we got her home until about 10:30, the pictures would have been mostly of Wifey or I trying to test our nerves against a wailing Munchkin who wanted to have more fun instead of sleep. No one wants to see that.

And no, her sleeping schedule hasn't returned to normal yet. She is still fighting going to bed at night, but it is getting better.


Lana said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing. The car rides looked scary.

Mary @ Parenthood said...

Cheese Santa looks yummy. Must have taken an age. Very creative!