Friday, January 21, 2011

I Wish You the Best

As my time is (too) quickly coming to a close at my current job, I keep getting people who are sending condolences or trying to tell me to keep my chin up. These are generally people who I have developed a good relationship with who are sad to see me go.

Most of the people who are employed as full-time employees of the company I work for say something like this:
I wish you the best. But we would love to see you back in 100 days.

Call me crazy, but that isn't wishing me the best. If I am returning in 100 days, I am still a contractor. I still don't have benefits. I still don't have a company that matches any funds I put towards my retirement. I still don't have income for over three months. I still don't have a company that will help me get my Master's degree.

And I could go on.

But then I got this email from one of the authors I work with. This is all it said:
Hey, I heard about your 100-day leave of absence. Silly rule in my book. Hope you find a better job at 3 times the salary during your furlough.

Take care

Call me crazy, but this guy is wishing me the best a whole lot better than any of the full-time well wishers. So, in case you hear about anyone in my situation, feel free to give them the latter response instead of the first one.


daveterry said...

I was laid off in 2008, got a job at the same place in a different department and kept my seniority. Then the company reorged and I had the option of reapplying or doing something else.

In the mean time I sold my 2600 sq foot house and now rent 480 sq foot apartment. I'm contracting (computer programming) and loving it.

I still have to pay a huge health insurance but I've really cut back, to the bone.

We are now going to move to a foreign country where the health benefits are great and rent it cheap and I can teach English. Just my approach. Your mileage may vary.


Lana said...

I wish you the "second" best.