Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday I skipped out of work a little bit early. I told my co-workers that I had a doctor's appointment that I had to go to. One of them had their mother instinct kick in and worriedly asked me if everything was fine, so I told her that it was just a routine checkup.

That isn't entirely false, but it isn't entirely true either.

You see, the appointment wasn't for me. I met Wifey in at the doctor's new office near the hospital. Munchkin was a bit surprised when I got her out of the car, but she didn't mind (As a side note, she did mind when I didn't get back into the car after the appointment. She has been liking me more and more these days, despite the fact that I don't bribe her any more or less than I used to with sweets). We walked up to the door and snaked our way through the tight hallway of the old building into an elevator to head up to the office. Once we got in the office, we checked in and got put in a waiting room quite quickly. I think we were pretty much the only ones there at the time.

The reason why we were headed to the appointment can be summed up by the following picture:

Can't you see the excitement on her face?
Don't let Munchkin's enthusiasm fool you—she doesn't really understand at this point that she is going to have a full time "beebee" around the house. But she does get really excited when she can go see her cousin who is still mostly non-mobile. She gets in his face and grabs his arms, just like her older cousins did to her (and occasionally still do) when she was non-mobile.

All-in-all, I think she'll be a good big sister. She hasn't gotten too sassy, likes to poke you in the eye and inform you verbally that it is your eye, and promptly drops the dolls she carries around under one arm when something more interesting comes along. Sounds like a recipe for success, right?

Until the time that Munchkin II comes along and can defend him/herself, we'll have some teaching to do. In the mean time, I had better start coming up with some snappy names for a new baby, as Munchkin II is quite unexciting (and completely non-creative). Once we know a gender, it might be easier.


Kate said...

Congratulations. :) When are you due?

She actually looks a tad terrified...!

Johnny said...

July 18th is the expected date that baby II will arrive.

Don't let the grimace fool you, she is actually happy. She was probably in the middle of happy babbling when this picture was taken.

Lana said...

I love the picture!!!! It makes me laugh. Great post and congratulations!