Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Technology Savvy at 15 Months

Today I received my first unassisted call from Munchkin. She loves playing with Wifey's phone, and because Wifey's speed dials don't work as expected, she generally doesn't call anyone. I guess she was successfully able to navigate to my name, push the green button to call me, all while jabbering. When I started talking to her, I don't think she realized I was on the line, mainly because it hasn't happened before. All the button pressing gave me a hint as well. Either that, or someone was censoring all the baby expletives on my wife's phone, which would just be creepy.

Munchkin did know that I was on the line by the time she left though. She said , "Bye bye dada," before hanging up. So it is legit.

For being 15 months old, I think a fifteen second conversation is pretty good on the phone.

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