Monday, January 10, 2011

A Weekend to Forget

We had a really great weekend away from everything. Our friends invited us up to their family cabin above Lake Cascade to enjoy the snow and scenery. It allowed me the opportunity to forget:
  • Impending job loss
  • Impending job interviews (hopefully)
  • Job seeking
  • Bills
  • Work
  • Shaving
  • Waking up to an alarm
  • Phone calls (no reception—WHOO HOO!)
  • Sundry responsibilities
Our days consisted of waking up when the kids did, sledding, playing board games, napping, cooking, eating, and laughing. I am happy to report that my earlier fears were allayed. Munchkin enjoyed the sledding if someone was in the sled with her. After the run was completed, she would get up and run around in the snow. She also thought that it was pretty funny that we could throw the snow up in the air and it would fall back down in so many pieces (it was pretty powdery). She even took the time to explore it with her tongue a bit when she saw it on her gloves. And it was a good thing for her.

I guess I can claim her as mine without the paternity test.

We did have a pretty rough night with Munchkin not wanting to sleep. She kept waking up and crying, pointing to the door. It is her way of letting us know that she wants to play instead of sleep. Usually we win. But Saturday night, we didn't.

We ended up caving after about two hours of off-and-on waking up with her, accompanied by crying. Munchkin didn't want to lay down in her port-a-crib (which is a bit too small for her now), be rocked while being held, nor be held while being bounced. At one point, I had a dream that I was sitting in the rocking chair in the bedroom and holding her because I was up so frequently in the night with her. It was kind of hard for me to grasp that I was laying in bed when she woke me up the next time. It was even harder for my sleepy brain to grasp that she wasn't in my arms.

We were glad our friends had brought up a video of Mickey Mouse Playhouse, because I ended up going into the other room and turning it on for her while attempting to get her back down. It took a while, but she eventually fell asleep laying by her mommy on the bed. I got kicked out, but at that point, I didn't care where I was sleeping as long as I was sleeping.

But all of that was overshadowed by all the fun we had. I'll have to just forget that portion of the trip, and if I do, my memory of the weekend will be perfect.

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