Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brainwash Initiated

Munchkin is turning into quite the parrot. It seems like she is using new words every day. And not only is she repeating the words relatively accurately, but she is also starting to form her own ideas. For this reason, I was delighted when we went to the store today.

Wifey was driving, and as I was putting Munchkin into her seat, she immediately said one of her favorite phrases: "By you!" She loves to have someone sit beside her in the car, so I obliged her whim this time.

Wifey began flipping through the radio stations, and upon finding nothing of interest, turned on the CD that was in the car. King of Anything by Sara Bareilles came on, so I started singing along. When the chorus came around, I was very surprised to hear Munchkin start to say, "Oh" and hum until she knew a word like me. When those words she knows and use came around, she sang them out loud and proud.

I might just be a proud daddy here, but I didn't know that kids started recognizing and singing songs at 18 months. I know it wasn't a fluke either, because the next song—Haven't Met You Yet by Michael BublĂ©—yielded the same response with special emphasis on the word yet.

I will continue my research, and possibly try to get a recording of it. She is soaking up songs like a dry sponge. Getting video of Munchkin is difficult at this point because she just wants to see the picture on the back of the digital camera. If we are using the video camera, she just wants to have us turn the screen around so that she can see herself and wave.

On a completely unrelated note, Wifey pinched me while we were walking into the store because I wasn't wearing green. Rude, don't you agree?

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