Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Day Munchkin Will Always Remember

Munchkin was incredibly happy today. It helped that she slept 12 hours the previous night. She woke up super happy and that carried her through most of the day.

We first went to story time at the library. The Meridian Public Library has a great story time for toddlers that is more of an activity time than just reading time. They sing songs, they have stuffed animals for the kids to play with, and read stories as well. Libraries are great places, but that is besides the point. This is about Munchkin.

Today's experience at story time started off better than normal because we walked to the Library. We pulled out the stroller and she got to ride. Munchkin likes loves experiences Nirvana whenever she is outside. She doesn't want to go back in. Even though she loves story time, she put up a bit of a fuss that she had to go inside. She probably doesn't remember much about nice sunny weather in the low 60's from last year, but since she had it today she didn't want to go in. She wasn't even wearing a jacket. Less encumberment = better playtime for her.

She didn't get into story time as much today until near the end. I think it was the weather distracting her.  She did like it though.

We walked home and got ready to head over to the park. Since it was spring break, our friends invited us to the park to play with their little boy. We spent a couple of solid hours at the park running, sliding, playing outdoor instruments, and swinging (her favorite). After a picnic (where once again she was incredibly distracted) and some more playing, we parted ways and got Munchkin down for a nap.

She slept for about an hour and a half, and then she started "helping" me fold the laundry. She ate half a pint of green beans and half a strawberry Nutrigrain bar, followed by a tour of the outside world. This includes walking around the yard with yours truly looking at all the plants and flowers to make sure that everything looks healthy and happy. She runs from the hyacinths to the tulips to the raspberry plant to the bonsai trees to the daffodils pointing out all the plants. Sometimes we throw the lilac bushes in there too.

After this, she ran around outside while I grilled a chicken breast for our chicken ceasar wraps for dinner. She chased her ball around the yard and only injured one daffodil, which I consider quite a success. I think it will live, but it was bent over. I'm glad it is still young and supple, and I am hoping that it is still in the stage where it is more flexible than anything else. It leans now, but didn't appear to have any breaks in the stems. I guess I'll have to wait and see when we get back in town  how it fares.

Tonight we read some books and watched a bit of Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse (which we bought as an Easter present for her, but we forgot to hide it, so she gets to watch it). All in all, a good day for her.

I don't think that she'll actually remember today in the grand scheme of things. But it is the type of day that was ingrained into my memory as a child. Plenty of time outside, plenty of fun activities, and even a slight sunburn. I would make a great Jeff Foxworthy joke right now. Well, maybe not so great. Only half of my neck got burned, so I would only be half a redneck.

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