Thursday, March 3, 2011


If you are Wifey, the answer is a resounding YES! She is on the way to get a root canal right now.

And I'm not being sarcastic. Her mouth has been bothering her ever since Saturday night, and even though she had some work done Sunday afternoon, she has still been in pain since then. She told me that she would rather be in labor than have this pain in her mouth. I'll have to ask again when after she has Baby II which was worse.

But I am excited for the fact that we have tulips coming up. The weather here keeps teasing us that it is going to be warm, and then it snows and the wind blows. Today is pretty nice, so when Munchkin gets up from her nap, I think we might venture out into the sunlight and go play. It might just be running around the back yard, but it is better than nothing.

The other day while Wifey was trying to nap through the pain, Munchkin and I decided to go out into the yard. She was having so much fun running from me as I snuck up behind her and growled. She ran for about 30 minutes straight. Needless to say, I think Munchkin is going to be an outdoor girl. She craves being outside. Last night when it was raining, Wifey let her stick her hand outside and feel the rain coming down. She cried when we closed the door and kept pointing to the door while saying, "shide." It is her best version of outSIDE with only a hint of a drunken slur.

I have one more thing that I would like to post about, but I need to take some pictures first, so I'll go snap some pics and come back. Of course, Munchkin will probably wake up from her nap by then, so I might take some pics of her outside instead. We'll see.

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