Tuesday, March 22, 2011

National Honey-Do Day Update

After much of a hiatus on this, I finally got around to uploading some pictures. Okay, so Wifey did the uploading onto the computer, but I'm doing the uploading onto the blog.

As part of National Honey-Do Day, we ended up refinishing a Lane cedar chest. Here is the chest after we had tried to strip the paint off the top. As you can see, the chemical stripper did some of the work (hence the yellow top) but didn't do a very thorough job of removing all the paint. Some extensive sanding was required as well to get rid of the yellow tinge.


Drumroll please. Ta-da!

Tucked in place in the play room

A closeup of the knobs and the color
The part that Wifey likes the best is not the sassy color, but the fact that most of Munchkin's toys fit inside. There were a few things that were a bit too large to fit in (like the shopping cart she got for Christmas, a car-ish thing to sit and scoot on/walk behind, and a rocking horse), but the disheveled mess that once was the playroom is now kept mainly in the box.
Munchkin and toys
When Munchkin needs to get into the box, she ends up going over and knocking on it. She likes that part. And we like the fact that she can't just dig into her toys whenever she wants. We get the control of our house, and it is easy to have her put away the toys she is done with when we are going to get something else.

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