Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update on The Crud

Wifey's tooth is still bothering her. Despite the best efforts of the dental genius in the family, her mouth is still sore. The odd thing is it comes and goes at certain times of the day. She will wake up in the morning feeling fine and start going about her daily tasks. About 10:00 in the morning it starts to bother her. If she lays down for a few hours, it goes away. Sometimes it hangs on until about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. Pain medication doesn't help, so she has stopped her daily intake of Tylenol.

This has led to an increase in Munchkin wanting to play with me. If her mom is not feeling good, she knows to come to me. That has been fun for me. Well, until The Crud hit.

Munchkin woke up crying very loudly on Thursday night/Friday morning. I ran in her room to see what the deal was, and was immediately accosted by the bitter smell of bile. She had thrown up all over her pillow, sheets, Monks, and jammies. Poor little girl. After a few more hours of heaving up bile, she fell back asleep.

Since then, she has not been very hungry. She hasn't thrown up since then, but we have been changing a lot of diapers. It is amazing how loud your digestive system can be, even when you are that little. We have been keeping the pedialyte in her and trying everything we can think of to keep her fed, at least a little.

And the answer has been mini muffins. Wifey made a bunch of them (like 50 or so) one day and froze them and we have gone through a few bags in the past few days. When nothing else has sounded good to Munchkin, she has taken bites or eaten mini muffins. Blueberry, of course.

I'm hoping that she is on the mend, because tonight she kept asking for food. That is a good sign that she is hungry. We ended up getting a few pears in her tonight, and hopefully they will stay in there instead of launching their way out at high rates of speed. She fell asleep on Wifey tonight, and hopefully she will sleep like she did last night (which happened to be until 11:00).

Munchkin has been quite happy throughout the whole ordeal. Even when she feels terrible, she puts on a happy face. She got that from Wifey, not me.

We're mending, and I'm just hoping that I don't get any of The Crud. Wifey is more susceptible than I as the baby is stealing all her nutrients/immune system support at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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