Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moved by Television

Generally, I'm not moved by TV. I rarely watch enough to follow storylines (especially sitcoms or dramas). We watched a bit of Mobbed tonight (which had Wifey in tears. I blame the pregnancy hormones), and during a commercial break, I was truly moved by television.

Wifey changed the channel to Grey's Anatomy, and after seeing about ten seconds of the show, I stood up to change the channel. I guess someone on the medical drama's writing team decided that they would try to gain from some of the success of Glee and had a bunch of their actors decide to sing for the show. I was waiting for that kid in the wheelchair to roll into the ER and start spinning in his wheelchair to "How to Save a Life."

Seriously? What makes the writers of Grey's Anatomy think that having their doctors sing every few minutes and turn the episode into a Broadway musical? I'm probably more for musicals than the average straight guy because of some of my musical tastes, but this struck me as utterly ridiculous. I know enough about Grey's Anatomy to know that they use a lot of popular music in their episodes. That is all fine and dandy. But it is quite the stretch for every ER doctor and their lover to have to sing songs while keeping the drama in the operating room. You can only have so much drama in an hour (which many shows like this already push the envelope), and adding a dramatic ballad doesn't help it out.

The little part I saw seemed so forced and awkward, misconstruing the meanings in the songs. But maybe I'm too ________ (fill in the blank here: old, young, conservative, uneducated, anal, etc.) to get it. Maybe my perceptions don't match everyone else's. Maybe I see the images in column B in this post while everyone else is seeing column A. Am I completely off my rocker here folks?


Nate said...

I don't even watch tv unless it is nonfiction anymore. All fiction is sloppily shallow!

Nate said...

Don't even watch tv unless it is nonfiction. Too shallow!!

Lana said...

Good idea Nate. My answer to shallow tv is a stack of books.

Dani said...

I almost barfed when I saw they were doing a musical episode of grey's anatomy. SO DUMB!

Johnny said...

I like the stack of books idea as well.

And Dani, I have to say that I would have barfed too if it wasn't for the picture of your delicious ice cream in your picture. It makes me hungry.