Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Should I Add This to My Resume?

Last week I had a fellow blogger write to me and tell me that she was starting up a creative writing group with some of the teachers at her local high school. How cool is that? They have few rules, but have a general theme each month. You aren't required to participate, but of course, participation is encouraged...

I don't know much about all the authors (or what they teach, for that matter). I just know that they are in this writing club, and they are teachers.

The thing that was exciting was the fact that I was able to be an adjudicator for them. I received four manuscripts that had names removed from them. I didn't have many rules to follow, other than the fact that they were all based loosely on the same theme. As I read through them, I thought I had my friend nailed. There was one piece of writing that just screamed her name to me.

The funny thing was, it ended up that this piece was not by her at all. I guess it just goes to show you how well I know her. OR HOW WELL SHE CAN WRITE SO THAT SHE THREW ME OFF COMPLETELY! I choose option B.

Anyway, if you would like to go read the stories yourself, feel free to hop on over to the Write Club website. You can view everything they wrote, as well as see who this month's winner is.

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