Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Assorted Bulbs

 We were so excited when our hyacinths came up this year. They were very forgiving, even though they got into the ground in the early spring (instead of the late fall like they were supposed to).

Wifey got the assorted colors package, and we figured that we would get a smattering of colors. When I opened up the package, I found two packages of bulbs. This worried me a bit, because I was hoping that assorted colors was not the same as two colors. I planted them anyway, knowing that we wouldn't get an overpowering orange color from them (most of our flowers last year were orange, including, but not limited to, zinnias, marigolds, and cosmos).

So here is the final color tally for our bulbs:
  • 28 pink flowers
  • 3 white flowers
  • 1 yellow flower
I'm thinking that pink is the dominant color in this set, but I would assume that the bulb color would be dictated by the genes in the bulb, not by the pollination of the flower. I mean, you could tell the difference between the colors before the flowers bloomed. The white and yellow ones were distinctively more green than the soon-to-be pink blossoms.

With all that being said, my mother has some purple and dark pink ones at her house. She said that they started from one bulb and have since multiplied. She got a new color (pink).

So here is my question: Are my bulbs going to remain the same color that they are this year, or are they subject to change? Discussion in the comments.

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