Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Monitor Dillema

I got word yesterday from my (very) part time job that they finally got an update on the draft I submitted. They want to answer my questions.

Here is the rub: some of the information directly conflicts with what was previously written.

I understand that things change over time. Products become better. Software gets retired. Just because things are changing doesn't mean that you can forget about the old products (unless you push them out of your support window).

So I asked a colleague of mine what she would suggest. So now I'm waiting to hear back. What better thing to do than to blog?

You see, I would normally be doing other things, but I'm not at home. Because of some unfortunate features of Word (and the fact that it doesn't always play nicely between the Mac and Windows versions), I have to use a computer at my parent's place that still runs XP. I got over to their place and had to move it from their office into the family room so that the Ethernet cord would reach. While finding a plug in, I realized that they don't have many grounded outlets down here near the router. It is kind of hard to plug in a computer into a non-grounded outlet.

I found one adapter that converts an outlet into a grounded outlet, but I needed another one for the screen. I started looking around, and found that they had some of their sound system and TV connected to an outlet that was all grounded. So now I could use one outlet from by the TV and another one from a nearby wall that would allow me to plug in both the computer and the monitor.

The only problem was that the cords didn't reach each other because the outlets were too far away.

To remedy this, I got a spark of an idea. I set the spark down on a nest of pocket lint and pine needles in hopes that it would light a small fire. Hoping against hope, I approached my parent's TV and spun it around.

Sure enough, they had a jack on the back of their TV to hook a computer into. I was able to get my work done on their TV. I find a 40 inch monitor to be just about right. I would need to make some adjustments, but all in all, I could get used to the fact that I'm working on a screen this big. It would work quite well for extended watching as well because of the high refresh rate that I don't think many monitors have.

Well, it looks like I have another email, so I had better got finish up my work so that I can eat lunch with Wifey (if she hasn't already done so).

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