Saturday, April 23, 2011

Madness for Munchkin

This weekend will be a pretty crazy one. This will be Munchkin's first Easter where she will truly understand what an Easter Egg Hunt will be. So today we are having two.

In about an hour and a half, Wifey's grandma is holding her traditional Easter egg hunt where she invites all her descendants over for a candy hunt. She only has 40 grandchildren, and many of them have families of their own (about 20 great-grandchildren). Most of them live in the valley, so it makes for quite a spectacle. As is prudent with most Easter egg hunts, the kids get released in waves. The littlest ones get help from their parents. This is fortuitous, as I get to hand-pick the candy that Munchkin brings home—I leave the stuff we don't like for the other kids.

Directly after that, we are headed over to my parent's house. My brother from Utah decided to trick his kids. They told them that they were going for doughnuts, but had the car all packed. He took off Friday and they drove up. We are having a turkey with all the fixin's and another Easter egg hunt. There are rumors of a hot dog roast as well. Needless to say, it will be a pretty fun day for Munchkin.

We were hoping that she would sleep in this morning, but she has a tree adjacent to her window where most birds in the neighborhood decide to call out an alarm when the sun comes up. Even though she was asleep a little bit late last night, she woke up right at 7:00 AM. We could tell she was tired, and got her down for an early nap around 10:15. Any sleep is good sleep for her today, especially because she is going to be playing so much.

Tomorrow we are having an Easter dinner with Wifey's family, followed by a community concert that I am singing in tomorrow night. Needless to say, Munchkin will be celebrating Easter all weekend long. A bit crazy, but such are holidays around here.

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