Friday, April 15, 2011

Munchkin + @MindyGledhill = Awesome

We love our Munchkin. We love our Mac. We also love an artist named Mindy Gledhill. Wifey decided to mix them all together and this is what she came up with:

If you are wondering how we found Mindy Gledhill, it was kind of an interesting story. Wifey likes reading a blog about a woman and a man who were burned in a plane crash. She tells her story about all her treatments and how she struggles with her appearance since most of her body was burned. Her husband wasn't burned nearly as badly (although they both still had major reconstructive surgeries, if memory serves me correctly).

Anyway, Mindy Gledhill wrote a song for this blogger that you can listen to on YouTube if you want. And then you can go buy her album because you like her music so much.


Lana said...

Thanks for the artist's name, I really liked the song. The best part of the movie was still Munkin of course!

Johnny said...

We have really liked the whole CD. It is called Anchor, and it is great. The whole CD is quite effervescent, and keeps you going.