Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black Hole Update

Last night I went to practice again. We got some stuff hammered out, but by the end of the practice, we some of the people will probably need some more help. I'm not trying to be snooty, but I have most of the song learned. I could probably go sing it now on stage with music and do it pretty well (with maybe one mess up where there is a tricky entrance that doesn't sit well to my ears).

Because I don't want to be required to come every night and practice for a couple of hours (like I had to last night), I offered to record the parts individually for everyone along with the accompaniment. And because I don't really want to play all the vocal parts on the piano, I think I'll sing them all.

With that being said, I think I'll probably post my finished product here for you to hear. I've never done a multi-track recording before, so I probably won't do very well with the levels, nor will it be ready to throw on iTuens and sell, but I figure it will give me something that would be fun for me to do. Plus it will help me learn all the parts so I know when people are off the next time we practice.

I also realized just how scared of technology some people are. One of the people in the quartet told me that he would like it on a CD. I told him that I would email it to him and he could put it on a CD so that I wouldn't have to go dig out our CDs and use them for two measley music tracks. He then proceeded to ask me how he would make a CD from files that I sent him.

Being the friendly tech writer that I am, I told him that I would provide instructions along with the files of how to burn it to a CD using iTunes.

It seems very foreign to me that people don't know how to do something as simple as burn a CD. It amazes me even more that people don't take the time to try it out. It isn't a difficult process. If you have used any kind of software before, you could probably figure it out pretty quickly. That is the way I had to learn.

But I'll just not say anything to this individual and write the instructions out for him. Hopefully the instructions won't be too different on a Windows machine...


Lana said...

For someone who was always breaking the computer with your video games when you were younger, you sure are doing great now! Ha,ha!

Johnny said...

I would have been doing all this stuff earlier if Dad hadn't specifically requested that the computer did not have a sound card. It is hard to record and edit sound when the computer doesn't have one of those...